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Purus Lab’s first protein powder MyoFeed ready for release

Purus Lab's first protein powder MyoFeed ready for release

If the launch of the first TeaCrine supplement Theatrim and first time released BCAA, BCAAXR weren’t enough. Purus Labs are now ready to release their first ever protein powder MyoFeed. At a time where new amino spiking stories are popping up every week. Purus are set to come in and save as many people as they can with their spike suspicion free, 80% concentrate, 10% isolate and 10% casein protein formula. Each tub of the upcoming product weighs in at 4.4lbs or exactly 2kgs, with 60 22g protein servings. While MyoFeed’s menu may look rather traditional, Purus have spiced up both the flavor’s names as well as the flavors themselves. The supplement is due to arrive in three tastes, chocolate cookie crunch, mom’s strawberry milkshake and homemade vanilla wafer. We did say the brand have spiced up MyoFeed’s tastes just as much as it’s names throwing in natural vanilla wafer pieces in vanilla wafer, and freeze dried strawberry pieces in mom’s milkshake. Much like Purus Lab’s recent releases Theatrim and BCAAXR, MyoFeed isn’t going to be coming soon for much longer. The brand are planning on having their first protein powder out early December, or if possible later this month. Either way the product is only a few weeks away.

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