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7 awesome Quest Protein recipes from 7 of Quest’s favorite YouTubers

7 awesome Quest Protein recipes from 7 of Quest's favorite YouTubers

If you got in on Quest Nutrition’s launch of their first powder supplement, Quest Protein Powder, you may have already dug in to the product and got a bit creative. It was last Wednesday that the brand revealed the final piece of the puzzle, then put the supplement itself up for pre-order two days later on Friday. Quest Protein’s direct price was and is of course likely to be a little more than what you’ll be paying in stores when it arrives, but if you are a die hard Quest fan $39.99 for a 2lb tub isn’t that bad. Whether or not you have received your order of the latest from Quest, the brand have uploaded a couple of videos from some of their favorite YouTubers getting creative with the product. Quest have listed a total of seven recipes with FitMenCook’s chicken and waffle bites, Justine’s chocolate coconut fudge pops, Furious Pete’s awesome massive meaty lasagna. Jenna’s healthy pizza, Cambria’s cake pops, Geovanna’s peanut butter cup ice cream and Bart Kwan’s coconut shrimp. You can check out the list on Quest’s blog complete with videos and links to the recipes in Quest’s cookbook.

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