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S’mores Quest Bar unveiled just two days after Quest’s first teaser

S'mores Quest Bar unveiled just two days after Quest's first teaser

In true Quest Nutrition fashion, the innovative supplement company have gone from tease to reveal in a very short amount of time. While some brands will build up to the unveiling or launch of a product over a few weeks, sometimes even months. Quest have announced their latest just two days after they first teased it. As promised the new addition to the brand’s line is another Quest Bar flavor, going against a number of guesses with s’mores. If the brand’s awesomely seductive image as seen above doesn’t quite get you interested their short description will, ‘a toasty-sweet marshmallow, rich chocolate and crisp graham cracker layered together in this melt-in-your-mouth, campfire classic’. Like all Quest releases s’mores has been revealed but is not set to go on sale until the 24th of November. Eager fans have actually been given an exact time for this coming Monday at 11AM Pacific. The place to go we can only assume will be the brand’s own website, with our fingers crossed for an introductory deal.

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