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Pink lemonade Fast Fuel launched direct by RSP for a relatively good price

In most locations RSP Nutrition’s pre-workout Fast Fuel comes in a total of four flavors. The brand’s classic menu is made up of fruit punch, orange, blue razz and wild berry, all of which come in 45 serving tubs. RSP do have a second size, something they’ve produced for a couple of their other products. The smaller option is a 10 serving Fast Fuel, although it is limited to just one of the formulas four taste, fruit punch. This week the brand have revealed and released a fifth for one of their most well known supplements, adding pink lemonade to Fast Fuel’s menu. Unlike their most recent product launch with the more stimulant powered pre-workout Dyno, RSP’s latest has yet to hit a retailer. The first place to get pink lemonade Fast Fuel is in fact the brand’s own website, where the price is actually not too bad. Most supplement companies do tend to bump the cost up for those wanting to buy direct, RSP however have Fast Fuel at $34.97. The price is about the same as a few retailers out there, and definitely not bad for the latest from the brand.

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