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Christmas red revealed as SmartShake’s 9th

Christmas red revealed as SmartShake's 9th

While the deals to continue to fly in from all over the place from, retailers, brands and everywhere in between for Black Friday. In among all the chaos SmartShake have unveiled the latest addition to their range of shakers. Previously the brand had already confirmed that what they had coming was going to be a new color for their regular and Slim Series. With eight already in existence black, white, and the six neon variants, blue, yellow, orange, green, pink and purple. We probably should have been able to guess number nine, which has been put together just in time for the Holiday Season with Christmas red. For now the latest from SmartShake has only been unveiled, and not yet put on sale. Although seeing as SmartShake are one of the few companies not doing anything special for Black Friday, fans may not mind keeping their likely empty wallets closed for now. Based on it’s title Christmas red, there is a good chance it is going to be released before Santa gets on his sleigh, hopefully leaving enough time to get it purchased, wrapped and under the tree.

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