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When Universal’s Animal unveiled their new protein powder Animal Whey, after their slightly sneaky teaser gave a lot of it away. One important detail was left out, the cost effectiveness of the hardcore brand’s upcoming product. We knew it was due to arrive in three flavors, chocolate, vanilla and cookies & cream, all being produced in two sizes, the 27 or 28 serving 2lb and the 54 to 56 serving 4lb. We were also told that the supplement would be hitting before anywhere else, which today it has indeed done. The popular online store are now stocking Animal Whey in all variants with the smallest option costing $28.99, and the larger 4lber saving your a little more than 15% per serving at $47.99 a tub. have not launched the latest from Animal with any kind of promotion. Although they actually may not need to as the price they’ve got on Animal Whey is right in line with the likes of Cellucor’s much loved Cor Whey.

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