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Amino HP the official name of ANS Performance’s upcoming amino formula

Amino HP the official name of ANS Performance's upcoming amino formula

If you are a follower of ANS Performance you would have caught their announcement earlier this morning with the official naming of their upcoming supplement. Previously the only hint we had was that the product would be flavored, with our guess going the way of the amino we know the brand have been working on. It turns out we were spot on as ANS have confirmed the title of their seventh supplement or eighth if you count Diablo PM, in Amino HP. The only other bits of information the brand have dropped outside of the name are three of its effects, listing build, repair and power. If we were looking at a pre-workout and three of its effects, they’d probably give us a good idea on what kind of experience we’re in for. Unfortunately we are looking at an amino formula, with the three highlights Amino HP have revealed being exactly what you’d see on almost every amino product. Knowing ANS the supplement will be quite complex, we’re just going to need more details to confirm how complex. The brand are still promoting the product for launch early next year and are expected to have it available in time for the Arnold Classic in March.

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