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Close up of a premixed formula is Cellucor’s G4 Series preview

Close up of a premixed formula is Cellucor's G4 Series preview

After Cellucor dropped the bomb yesterday we decided that today we’d take a closer look at what might be coming from the brand and their upcoming G4 Series of supplements. In total we can see about eight products in Cellucor’s preview picture, three of which look like powders, one an RTD and the rest capsule formulas. Based on the fact that we were told a premixed C4 is on the way, we feel that takes care of the RTD. As for the rest, yesterday in our initial post on Cellucor’s G4 Series we talked about the flashing of three of the brand’s biggest supplements, Super HD, C4 and Alpha Amino. We believe it’s almost safe to say those three will be the powder products seen in the sneak peek, leaving us with the four capsule items. This is where any Cellucor fan could be right as we’re going to assume being another generation of supplements, the brand will likely be carrying over products from their current range. It is because of that we’re thinking Cellucor are going to hold on to some of their more notable supplements such as P6, NO3, M5 and possibly D4. At this point it is as mentioned anyone’s guess as to what’s coming soon, although don’t think we’re guessing too much as we have gone with our selection due to the small amount of information released.

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