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Early look at Cellucor’s G4 Series with 5 rebranded supplements

Early look at Cellucor's G4 Series with 5 rebranded supplements

To start off the day we have a look at what Cellucor are counting down to and unveiling later today. The G4 Series has been a hot topic since the brand officially confirmed it last week with their sub-minute teaser video. Initially very little was given away about the line with just flashes of Cellucor’s Alpha Amino, C4 and Super HD, and a shadowed closing image where you could see eight supplements, one of them an RTD. While no doubt more information is due to be released when the brand’s countdown clock finally strikes zero, as you can see above we’ve got an early look at a few products from the G4 Series. We can see the three supplements previously mentioned C4, Alpha Amino and Super HD, all featuring new packaging. Joining them we have as predicted NO3 Chrome and the muscle builder P6, leaving just two spaces behind with the premixed C4 expected to be the eighth. As mentioned more details will no doubt be coming in later today confirming those last two spots, and whether or not any of the G4 products have actually been changed in any way.

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