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Dedicated’s #1 pre-workout Unstoppable hitting Australia in time for Christmas

Dedicated's #1 pre-workout Unstoppable hitting Australia in time for Christmas

The question we’ve been getting almost every week now, “how long until Dedicated’s Unstoppable is available in the US?”, is unfortunately still without an answer. If you’re located in Australia however, the answer is the complete opposite. One of the biggest distributors in the area Flush Fitness, have confirmed that Dedicated’s #1 pre-workout Unstoppable is not far away from shelves. While we haven’t got an exact date for when it will start making it’s way out to retailers, it’s looking like it will be hitting stores in time for Christmas. Unlike a number of supplements in Unstoppable’s competitive category, Dedicated have not needed to reformulate this one for Australia. Despite the harsh regulation in the country, fans down under will be getting the exact same product we used for our review. The remaining question is of course, what kind of price will pre-workout addicts be looking at? Like our details on a date for Unstoppable’s arrival, we don’t yet know how much stockists are going have the supplement on sale for. An ideal price would probably be between 50 to $60 (AUD), but to be honest if you get the same performance as us out of it, cost won’t come in to question.

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