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AminoJect joins IsoJect on Evogen’s coming soon list of supplements

AminoJect joins IsoJect on Evogen's coming soon list of supplements

With still little to zero information available from Evogen about their first ever protein powder IsoJect, news has slipped out on another new supplement they have on the way. Based on the images we’ve seen of the protein product coming from the brand, we can tell you IsoJect does look like it’s coming in a 2lb tub in some kind of chocolate flavor. As mentioned absolutely no information has been released on the supplement, although it is a lot more than we know about the other one Evogen have coming. The name of the brand’s other new product is AminoJect, which has only had its title revealed without any kind of picture giving ideas on form, size or flavor. There has yet to be any sort of time frame referenced as to when we will be seeing either of the two supplements, AminoJect or IsoJect, however the latter has been photographed. AminoJect has not been seen in a tub and only talked about it being in beta testing. Based on those small and quite possibly insignificant details, we’d have to say IsoJect is likely to arrive first. Either way it doesn’t look like we’re in for another Evogen Christmas launch like last year’s EVP Plus.

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