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NeuroPump Hybrid’s first formula stocked by

NeuroPump Hybrid's first formula stocked by

When you see a brand come up from such early stages you can’t help but be happy to see them make it into the big leagues. Hybrid Nutrition is one of those young companies, that in the past year has managed to find its way into a number of major locations. A1 Supplements, Nutraplanet, Lockout, Get Supps and Tiger Fitness are just some of Hybrid’s online stockists. Despite being spread out as far as any brand would like, up until now they had yet to land in either of the giants GNC or We say up until now as Hybrid have actually moved in to, with one of their supplements now in stock and on sale on the popular online store’s website. The lucky product from the brand’s soon to be larger line up with Endo Fuel and ALCAR coming soon, is the unique focus powered pump pre-workout NeuroPump. The price have the Hybrid formula at is $32.99, around the same as A1 and Nutraplanet. We can only imagine more of the brand’s range is on its way, with their new relationship only increasing their reach and ability to grow.

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