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Dedicated #ObeyThePump website confirms Muscle Sport’s pump pre-workout for January

Dedicated #ObeyThePump website confirms Muscle Sport's pump pre-workout for January

Muscle Sport have put together a website as promised, teasing the coming of their new pump dedicated pre-workout. Last time we checked in the supplement was being promoted with the hashtag #ObeyThePump, which is still the case and also the address for Muscle Sport’s latest innovation The brand have uploaded quite a bit of information to the site, giving away some details but keeping all the important ones under wraps. From what we can see we can confirm that the product is stimulant free, has both pump and focus effects, and features the ingredients agmatine, arginine, citrulline and the trademarked Nitrosigine inositol arginine silicate. As for what we don’t know, Muscle Sport have yet to give us a name, let us know how many other features are in the formula, and what flavors and sizes it will be available in. On the website the brand do also make mention of a contest they have coming involving the supplement and title hashtag in some way, with $5,000 cash up for grabs. Be sure to check out to see it all for yourself, and how Muscle Sport are creatively promoting what they’re calling Product V, with its launch set for somewhere in January

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