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More information on Muscle Sport’s #ObeyThePump teaser later this week

More information on Muscle Sport's #ObeyThePump teaser later this week

Muscle Sport have today released an image of their next new supplement. From what we can see the product is going to be a powder formula, which the brand are teasing with the line “something EXPLOSIVE is coming”. Usually the word explosive for us relates to a pre-workout, however with Rhino Revolution 2.0 being less than nine months old we can’t imagine Muscle Sport going back in to that area so soon. The second clue the brand have dropped is where we think they give it all away with the hashtag #ObeyThePump. Based on the idea that we’re not looking at a mainstream pre-workout, we feel Muscle Sport fan are in for the next best thing, a dedicated pump pre-workout. The use of the word explosive still has us thinking something more than pump, although it could also just be the brand’s description of the upcoming supplement’s main effect. Whether or not you’re like us and think you’ve got it all figured out, Muscle Sport won’t be keeping us in the dark for too much longer. The brand are planning on dropping more information sometime in the next few days, letting us all know what we’re in for before the week is out.

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