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Details on Muscletech’s upcoming pre-workout Anarchy, where, when and for how much

Details on Muscletech's upcoming pre-workout Anarchy, where, when and for how much

For Muscletech fans who have been wanting to find out when, where and for how much, they’ll be able to get their favorite brand’s new supplement Anarchy. We have got some information for you here today, answering two of the questions completely, and half answering the third. Firstly, despite a lot of online retailers already listing Muscletech’s upcoming Anarchy, will be the first place to get the pre-workout. In case you missed it, we did post on Mass Nutrition’s listing of the product as they uploaded it with the status “coming soon”, although as mentioned they won’t be beating the online giant. Secondly, we do know there will be two sizes of Muscletech’s new pre-workout, a 30 and a 60 serving. Mass did give us an idea on value for their 30 serving Anarchy at $23, which from what we know is going to cost about 10 to 15% more per serving compared to the larger 60 serving. Lastly we have a half answer for Muscletch’s launch of Anarchy with the painful promise of coming soon. It isn’t much to go off, but with everyone teasing the supplement and bottles popping up in pictures, it has to be pretty close.

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