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Just as Muscletech promised, despite all the retailers listing the brand’s new Performance Series supplement Anarchy as coming soon with 30 serving prices sitting around $25. The pre-workout product has officially been launched, with being the first place to stock it. Unfortunately for now you have to forget all the early teasers you saw of a sub $30 Anarchy, as the online giant have not even come close to that value. The price put on Muscletech’s Anarchy is $55.49 for the competitive 60 serving, but a surprising $37.99 for the half size 30. Before you go working it all out for yourself, allow us to do some simple calculations. What you’re looking at is basically 92 cents a serve for the 60, and $1.26 for the 35% more expensive 30 serving. Based on those numbers and what we’ve seen listed in other locations, we have to assume are either going to come down or get beaten by competitors. The main reason being that compared to something like Muscletech’s two NaNO Vapor sizes with a 40 and a 60. While they aren’t divided the same, they are only separated by less than 13%. What ever the future may hold, fans are more than welcome to jump on the first availability of Muscletech’s Anarchy with it now in stock at the place the brand promised,

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