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Anarchy officially added to Muscletech’s website with details and where to buy

Anarchy officially added to Muscletech's website with details and where to buy

Earlier in the week we posted Muscletech’s facts panel for their upcoming supplement Anarchy. The pre-workout was confirmed to feature a total of eight different ingredients including the likes of the label listed HydroMax and Nitrosigine, as well as CarnoSyn beta-alanine, yohimbe and the classic caffeine. Despite having it’s contents all laid out, Muscletech did not confirm any kind of launch time frame for Anarchy. Regardless, the product has actually now been uploaded to the brand’s own website, moving it one step closer to shelves. On the supplement’s page Muscletech have added all the usual details including a complete description, facts panels, flavors with fruit punch and watermelon, and a competitor comparison chart. The latter is probably one of the less informative items as we’ve explained before, comparison charts are things that can make almost any product look good, it’s all about what you choose to leave out and put in. There is one more thing that’s rather interesting right at the bottom of the page, and that is Muscletech’s listing of and the Vitamin Shoppe, two places you will be able to get Anarchy from. The stores have not been linked in just yet as they are not currently stocking the product, but it definitely suggests they’ll be the two to keep an eye on.

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