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More than just tees in Mutant’s next wave of apparel

More than just tees in Mutant's next wave of apparel

As Mutant continue to tease their upcoming range of shirts, with the total now sitting at three after last week’s sneak peek at the Mutant Specimen tee. The brand have also thrown in confirmation of a new accessory or a variant of one that’s also on the way. Mutant have given fans a small glimpse of what will be another bag for the brand. They haven’t gone into too much detail about the product, saying that it will simply be a new Mutant Gym bag. While that does just sound like a straightforward replacement of the brand’s current essential accessory, it could end up being a number of other things. The bag could very well be an alternate color of the original maroon and yellow item or even a different version entirely. Like with Mutant’s coming soon shirts, we probably won’t get a complete look at the item until it arrives. Which based on what the brand are saying is likely to be the same time as the launch of Mutant’s next wave of tees.

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