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Mystery flavor to join PES Select Protein’s star-studded menu

Mystery flavor to join PES Select Protein's star-studded menu

New flavors get announced and teased almost every day, sometimes just as frequently as new sizes or alternate forms. Today’s coming addition is most definitely a little more exciting than usual, with a flavor we feel the majority of our fans will be equally excited about. Today PES have confirmed that they’ve got a fourth taste due to be added to their star studded Select Protein menu. For those that have yet to try the Stack3d Certified supplement you are missing out. Not just because the brand have proven the product is true to its label claims, but also because PES Select is one of the best tasting protein powders on the market. Since our review of snickerdoodle, we’ve yet to come across any cinnamon type recipe that can match it, and even been fortunate enough to try milk chocolate Select. Getting back to the news, the brand’s upcoming effort is of course expected to be just as good as PES’s original three, and come in both Select tub sizes 27 and 55 servings. The brand have yet to set a date for us to start counting down to, although are encouraging fans to sign up to their insider group. The main reason behind that is, like the recently released High Volume and the many supplements before it, PES fourth Select will be launched with an insider offer which are not to be missed.

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