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Beta bottle shows up for what could be Pro Supp’s upcoming fat burner

Beta bottle shows up for what could be Pro Supp's upcoming fat burner

Pro Supps have released an image of a capsule bottle supplement, labeled with the temporary title “Beta Testing”. Like with most teasers the brand are asking fans what they think the product is, although we do feel it is one we already know about. Recently news came in of a new fat burner coming from Pro Supps, that had yet to be given a name. Despite already having such a strong presence in the category, it seemed the brand were prepared to head back into the weight loss market following the return of DNPX. The one question we had left has now basically been answered, as we were wondering how much of a deal Pro Supps were going to make out of the supplement. After warning us that it was due to be released early next year, and the surfacing of the above Beta Testing bottle if it is indeed the fat burner. We’re getting the sense that this product is going to be something to look out for. We can’t imagine the brand wanting to build hype for something small or not overly interesting, leaving us thinking Pro Supps fans are in for a high octane or energizing formula. That could of course see the supplement clash with the likes of DNPX or the brand’s Vanish, which hints at the idea of a Vanish 2.0 or another DNPX. Either way strap yourselves in as Pro Supps definitely seem to be excited about this one, kicking off their teaser at a stage a lot earlier than they usually do.

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