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White chocolate raspberry to make it 4 for Muscle Pharm’s Combat Crunch

White chocolate raspberry to make it 4 for Muscle Pharm's Combat Crunch

In less than a year since Muscle Pharm actually launched their first edible supplement Combat Crunch, which we reviewed a couple weeks after it arrived. The athlete’s company are soon going to have a total of two new tastes for the protein bar, that we’ll be looking at getting in for review. Following on from the release of cinnamon twist Combat Crunch, a product that only just hit’s shelves earlier this month. Muscle Pharm have now confirmed the coming of a fourth flavor for the high protein treat’s menu. Joining the delicious chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate peanut butter cup, and the brand’s most recent effort cinnamon swirl, is the first fruit infused Combat Crunch with white chocolate raspberry. If the recipe’s title doesn’t quite do it for you, one look at the picture of Muscle Pharm’s upcoming effort above will definitely have you interested. The time frame the brand have put on Combat crunch’s fourth is the usual “coming soon”. Which if we’re looking at previous edibles as examples could mean one and a half months like cinnamon twist, or three and a half like the Crunch originals.

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