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Rebranded BCAA Sensation shows off Dedicated Nutrition’s new look

Rebranded BCAA Sensation shows off Dedicated Nutrition's new look

We knew it was coming thanks to the brand confirming it all late last year, and now Dedicated Nutrition have unveiled the first supplement featuring their new 2015 rebranding. Previously all Dedicated had said on the matter was that they would be giving their entire range a makeover, releasing no sneak peeks or even fractions of the imagery. To start off the year the brand have uploaded an image of the Dedicated BCAA formula BCAA Sensation, dressed in the updated label. While a first hand look may tell a different story, it appears the brand have dropped their grunge green background for an almost all black one, or at least a slightly darker one. Dedicated have of course maintained their standout yellow, which actually allows the design to keep the brand’s subtle, signature color combination. Two other major changes you’d probably notice would be the label’s justified text set in a number of different sizes to give the design that boxed rebel like feel, and the smoky pattern overlaying all the type adding that little bit of extra style. Dedicated aren’t promoting the rebranding as something that will happen overnight, just announcing that the new style will be applied to each of their products sometime this year.

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