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3 features confirmed for Muscle Sport’s Product V officially titled Neurovol

3 features confirmed for Muscle Sport's Product V officially titled Neurovol

Muscle Sport have updated their Obey The Pump dedicated website as promised, giving us a little bit more information. Previously we all knew was that the supplement would be a pump and focus pre-workout based on the highlights the brand were promoting. Last time we posted on the product we also took a guess at the name of Product V, which as it turns out we were spot on. Neurovol Revolution is the official title of Muscle Sport’s pump and focus enhancer, as you can see in the brand’s preview picture above. As well as getting a clear look at the supplement’s name, a few other slightly important details can be seen both on the bottle and the Obey The Pump website. We’ve got confirmation that Neurovol is of course 100% stimulant free like all the other pump competitors, and features at least three ingredients agmatine, arginine and citrulline. The last little bit of information is the one and only variant we know of with a twist of lemon flavored 30 serving 240g tub. We do still have plenty more details to come including Neurovol’s entire formula, and the launch of Muscle Sport’s extremely interesting $5,000 cash contest.

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