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More flavors and a 30 serving size coming to Stoppani’s Pre Jym

More flavors and a 30 serving size coming to Stoppani's Pre Jym

The supplement that launched it all for Jim Stoppani, the hit formula and’s number one pre-workout Pre Jym, is finally getting an update. By update we don’t of course mean any change to its massive mix of ingredients, more importantly additions to its very small list of options. As long as we’ve known about Stoppani’s Pre Jym it has been available in a total of two tastes, cherry limeade and raspberry lemonade, and just the one 20 serving size. The variants coming soon to the product will see both areas increased, with at least one more flavor and one more size. Stoppani has not been able to confirm just how many new tastes he has on the way, but has said orange is a definite and suggests it will not be the only option joining Pre Jym’s menu. In terms of size, instead of going lower like a lot of brands tend to do with trial sizes, Stoppani is going to go 50% more with a 30 serving tub. The price you’d think is going to be more cost effective, although as we’ve seen with’s Jym stacks, more doesn’t get you as much discount as it does with other brands. Sometime in April is when we’re expected to be seeing the supersize tub, with the flavor or what could end up being flavors, also expected around that time.