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A lot more than just fenugreeks in Pro Supp’s upcoming Fenumass

A lot more than just fenugreeks in Pro Supps upcoming Fenumass

The original unveiling of Pro Supps muscle builder Fenumass does date back to all the way in mid December. The brand released an image of the supplement really only confirming its name and why it’s called Fenumass. Previously the only two ingredients we knew of in Pro Supp’s bright red bottle were two branded versions of fenugreek with Torabolic and Testosurge. While the brand didn’t initially say much about Fenumass, really hinting at the two fenugreeks being the major features in the product, it turns out there is a lot more in the formula. The facts panel of the supplement has become available confirming a total of 11 ingredients on top of Torabolic and Testosurge. Of that 11, three are individually dosed alongside the fenugreeks which are detailed as 500mg each, with the other eight features sitting in a 595mg proprietary. Some of the highlights in the blend include horny goat weed, tongkat ali and astragalus. To see Pro Supp’s complete list of contents for Fenumass, we have added the product’s facts panel down below. For those looking forward to the product do remember this is expected to be a GNC exclusive formula. On top of that its price is going to play a major part, mostly due to the fact that each bottle of Fenumass only packs 15 days worth when using it at its maximum dose.

A lot more than just fenugreeks in Pro Supps upcoming Fenumass
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