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Clear facts available for each and every batch of Purus Lab’s MyoFeed

Clear facts available for each and every batch of Purus Lab's MyoFeed

Transparency these days isn’t something you come by rarely, as a lot of brands now list doses on their supplements letting consumers know exactly what they’re getting. When it comes to protein powders the game is a little different, as if a brand decide to have aminos added into the formula, whether they’re used to spike the product or not. It raises suspicion of the protein being spiked, and is something companies aren’t as honest about as they are with other types of supplements. There are of course brands who take away all suspicion and caution and don’t add aminos at all. On the odd occasion you will come across a company that goes even further than that, which is something the guys over at Purus Labs have done. Over the years we’ve only seen one brand consistently do something like this, as Purus have created a section online specifically for MyoFeed customers. If you’ve purchased a tub or two of the brand’s first ever protein powder, you can enter your product’s PL number located at the bottom of the tub and get a certificate of analysis. Each PDF gives you a complete run down of details specific to your supplement’s batch such as total amount of protein, appearance, odor, total plate count and even a test for free form aminos. You can find the search box to enter your MyoFeed PL number on Purus Lab’s website, in the appropriately titled Clear Facts section.

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