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Tiger Fitness first to launch Purus Lab’s first protein powder MyoFeed

Tiger Fitness first to launch Purus Lab's first protein powder MyoFeed

It was only yesterday that we detailed Purus Lab’s first ever protein powder, the previously coming soon spike free supplement MyoFeed. Just one day later the product has officially gone on sale, both direct and at one of the brand’s retailers. If you’re happy to purchase the protein direct from Purus, as you’d expect the price is pretty high at $94.95 for the 64 serving in any of its three flavors chocolate cookie crunch, mom’s strawberry milkshake and homemade vanilla wafer. If you’re after the cheaper option and prefer to buy from one of the brand’s stockists, you’ll save yourself about $45. The place that has actually launched the supplement is none other than Tiger Fitness, who have the same 64 serving tub for $49.99. The store have all three MyoFeed flavors in stock now and ready to ship, with really no need to wait for anyone else to get the latest from Purus. As at $49.99 the product is right on with its biggest competitors.

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