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Muscle Horsepower Complex confirms 3 more for ANS Performance’s Amino-HP

Muscle Horsepower Complex confirms 3 more for ANS Performance's Amino-HP

Just as they did for betaine and their 5g dose of 2:1:1 BCAAs, ANS Performance have dropped another post on their blog confirming more of the contents in their upcoming Amino-HP. Compared to the others this one is slightly more informative as it touches on a proprietary that the brand have in the amino cocktail. The title of the blend is the Muscle Horsepower Complex, weighing in at 3.8g and made up of three ingredients, all included for “their ability to impact muscle contraction and power output”. The features are the commonly seen taurine, the rarely used amentoflavone and choline bitartrate. Based on the size of Amino-HP’s blend and knowing that ANS never cut corners in any of their supplements, the ingredients are most likely well dosed. If you’re after more information on why ANS have included those three, the brand’s blog post announcing the presence of taurine, amentoflavone and choline also comes with a complete explanation of the Horsepower Complex. The question of what else is in Amino-HP does of course still remain as the total currently stands at five features, a number that we wouldn’t be too surprised if it continued to go up.

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