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Citrulline malate and rosa roxburghii also in ANS Performance’s growing Amino-HP

Citrulline malate and rosa roxburghii also in ANS Performance's growing Amino-HP

The story of ANS Performance’s Amino-HP is quickly turning into one similar to what we saw when the science based Ritual launched a few years back and dominated the competition. Over the past few weeks the brand have been dropping details one by one which has given us a total of about five ingredients, or seven if you want to count each BCAA. From what we know the upcoming ANS supplement will feature a 5g dose of 2:1:1 BCAAs, 1.25g of betaine anhydrous, and a 3.8g Muscle Horsepower blend made up of taurine, amentoflavone and choline bitartrate. It is worth mentioning that despite those last three being in a blend, ANS have said Amino-HP will be 100% transparently dosed, so we will be seeing doses of each Muscle Horsepower ingredient. Today we’ve actually got confirmation of yet another two additions to the product with citrulline malate (2:1) and rosa roxburghii. The latter a feature ANS claim to be the first to offer “in a potent high-ratio extract for enhanced muscular performance, endurance and recovery”. Like with all the other ingredients which continue to be joined by more, the brand have released a post explaining what the new two are and why they’re in Amino-HP. With the supplement’s contents list now standing at seven or nine counting each BCAA, we feel the formula has to be coming to a close. We certainly won’t mind if ANS have any more to add to the mix, but either way we’re definitely looking forward to seeing the finished product that we feel has to be on display at the Arnold.

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