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Cobra 6P Extreme revealed as Blackstone’s mystery 4th for the year

Cobra 6P Extreme revealed as Blackstone's mystery 4th for the year

Mystery supplement number four from Blackstone Labs has been unveiled, following on from their other three, Resurgence, Epi Cat and the isolate protein powder Isolation. The name of the upcoming product is Cobra 6P Extreme, a more intense spin off of the brand’s current fat burner of a similar name, Cobra 6P. While we haven’t got any details on what will actually be in the supplement, Blackstone’s threatening description does give us an idea on what to expect. Just as the bottle highlights, Cobra 6P Extreme has been designed to be a lot more intense, perfect for the brand’s stimulating loving fans. The only real bit of information we can grab from the preview of Cobra Extreme outside of its graphic description, is its bottle count of 60 capsules. Like with most products the fact doesn’t mean too much, especially since it is the same amount of capsules as the regular Cobra 6P. According to Blackstone this one could possibly be out before Isolation, which was revealed almost one month ago. The rough estimate on Cobra Extreme’s release is later this month, with the supplement expected to launch at the same place all the others have, direct from the brand’s website.

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