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Hany Rambod’s sleep aid and joint support formula may or may not be for Evogen

Hany Rambod's sleep aid and joint support formula may or may not be for Evogen

Like a lot of big name brands Evogen Nutrition have been releasing a series of episodes based around one of their most recently signed athletes, Justin Compton. The show appropriately titled Raising Compton puts the spotlight on the 2015 Arnold Classic competitor touching on training techniques, Justin’s background, and something slightly more interesting food and supplements. By interesting we don’t necessarily mean the kind of food he’s eating, how he’s cooking it and when he takes any of Evogen’s current products. The reason the brand’s nutrition episode caught our attention was due to the mention of supplements that are not in Evogen’s line up or have been previewed, that Hany Rambod himself put together just for Justin. In the video we hear about a sleep aid and joint support formula, both things Rambod has been working on that aren’t confirmed for Evogen’s range, but you have to think are likely. Whether or not the possible product’s mentions were intentional, if they do turn out to be for the brand as well as Justin Compton, that does mean we have a total of four new supplements coming from Evogen. The other two are of course Aminoject and Isoject, which we expect to see any day now as it has been more than three months since we first saw Isoject and two for Aminoject.

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