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NovaX possibly paying homage to Gaspari’s legendary Novadex

NovaX possibly paying homage to Gaspari's legendary Novadex

With a total of five supplements said to be coming from Gaspari Nutrition this year, it looks like we’ve now got the name of what could be their first release for 2015. Last year the brand confirmed the coming of a Real Mass Probiotic sequel and an Anatropin replacement, then recently an NO formula, pre-workout and nighttime product. While we already figured Gaspari were likely to hold onto their iconic names Real Mass and SuperPump for their mass gainer and pre-workout. The brand have announced what we can’t help but feel is their new testosterone booster, NovaX. The title doesn’t exactly suit a nighttime supplement or a pump pre-workout, not to mention NovaX has been previewed as a capsule formula. The signs all point to it being just the one kind of product from Gaspari’s promised list of five, an Anatropin replacement. The name itself also backs up the idea as it is two letters short of the brand’s somewhat legendary, although longtime discontinued supplement originally from the same category, Novadex. We could of course be off and the product destined to compete somewhere else, however even if the only clue were it being a capsule formula we’d still be left thinking testosterone booster. No date has been set for the upcoming supplement just that it will be here sometime soon, with the Arnold coincidentally only three weeks away.

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