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Whatever happened to Muscle Pharm’s MP Sportswear and their consistent collections

Whatever happened to Muscle Pharm's MP Sportswear and their consistent collections

As Muscle Pharm begin to build up to the launch of their new Hardcore Series, the three supplement range made up of Wreckage, Gainz and Diesel. There is something we haven’t seen from the Athlete’s Company for quite some time. Back in 2013 Muscle Pharm had new clothing collections coming out almost every season. While they weren’t all the same size, it was in May of last year that we saw the brand’s smallest set of apparel to date. Surprisingly that was the last collection Muscle Pharm released, as since then nothing new has come from the company’s spin off brand MP Sportswear. Those stocking the apparel now all carry rather loose lines, with products from a number of collections with no real consistency across stores. Though Muscle Pharm never said anything themselves, the deceleration of the once fast growing MP Sportswear was definitely obvious and has become a bit of a mystery. Whether business just slowed down or they’re working on something big, we do miss seeing a nice new range of designs every three or four months. Bare in mind the brand were pushing the limits of a supplement company’s clothing line, either way it would still be interesting to see what they’re up to now and/or what lies ahead.

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