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Exact macros confirmed for Muscle Pharm’s Hardcore Series protein powder Diesel

Exact macros confirmed for Muscle Pharm's Hardcore Series protein powder Diesel

Over the weekend we finally got a look at the formula behind Muscle Pharm’s fourth pre-workout, the upcoming Hardcore Series supplement Wreckage. The brand confirmed just how hardcore they were planning on going with a largely dosed concoction packing a total of 11 main ingredients. While it is well worth checking the post out, today we’ve got one of Muscle Pharm’s other Hardcore Series products in the spotlight, the protein powder Diesel. Previously we did get a closer look at what the front of the supplement said, confirming 15g of whey isolate and 10g of whey concentrate. Joining those two that result in a total of 25g of protein we also have 5g of glutamine, 3g of carbohydrates (1g sugar, 1g fiber), 1g of fat with 140 calories. Moving on to the product’s menu, much like the difference in range of flavors between Wreckage of Muscle Pharm’s Hybrid pre-workout Assault, it does look like fans will be getting cut short on options again. Compared to the brand’s original protein powder Combat and its 11 tastes, so far we only know of two for Diesel with the traditional duo chocolate milkshake and vanilla ice cream. On the topic of options we do also only know of the one size of Diesel for now with a 46 serving 4lber. Price is the only detail left to be confirmed which as per usual will come when Muscle Pharm’s fourth protein powder goes on sale, where we do hope to see more than the one tub size and two flavors.

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