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Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen next to join Muscletech’s Performance Series

Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen next to join Muscletech's Performance Series

Whether or not Muscletech are spot on with their claim of the game changing, something at least one company promises almost every week, the brand have revealed their next release. The supplement is going to be a part of Muscletech’s Performance Series family, one they recently added to with the rather impressive pre-workout Anarchy. As you can see in the image above the title of the product is Hydroxycut Hardcore, the exact same name on the brand’s current fat burner. On closer inspection you will notice not only is the bottle slightly different, making use of the cylinder style packaging as seen on Clear Muscle and most of Muscletech’s SX-7 Series. But you can also make out two more words completing the supplement’s title, Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen. The trick here is that usually with a new generation of the brand’s flagship weight loss formula, we get the introduction of a new line. As you can see Muscletech are sticking with the Performance Series, which could hint at the possibility of others using the Next Gen addon such as Nitro-Tech Next Gen or Cell-tech Next Gen. Details on the product as you’d expect are a little short at the moment, however with the Arnold Classic just around the corner it’s no surprise that the brand are promising Hydroxycut Next Gen for sometime next month. Whether or not the supplement is due to be unveiled at the event, it’s more than likely going to have some kind of presence.

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