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20% more room for Mutant Mass in the brand’s updated shaker

20% more room for Mutant Mass in the brand's updated shaker

There are quite a few issues with supplements shakers that almost everyone would have come across at least once. You have the grill not fitting right or fitting too well, the hidden corners stashing away mold, caps not clipping in correctly, screw on lids not sealing or the most common, the long lasting protein stench. While some can be fixed with care and companies who have focused on those issues, one of the problem areas we’ve seen few bother with is the volume of a shaker cup. Gainer goers will know that your average mass protein doesn’t fit or fit easily in your average 600 or 800ml shaker. Core150 solved that by making their cup 1 liter, something Mutant have also recently done. The makers of the internationally known Mutant Mass have updated their shaker to accommodate for that very product, adding a little more than 20% extra to their previous shaker. The brand’s website already reflects the upsize with it currently on sale, which should put the 1 liter in stores soon.

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