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Flavor being promoted as one of Mutant’s biggest highlights in Pro 100

Flavor being promoted as one of Mutant's biggest highlights in Pro 100

Last time we saw Mutant introduce something in the area of supplements it was with their slow release protein powder Micellar Casein. The product was is the brand’s third formula for the protein category, joining the two originals Mutant Whey and the widely known Mutant Mass. To get things started here in 2015 following on from their Mutant Muscle Wear launch, the brand are now getting ready to release another protein powder called Pro 100. While we haven’t got the supplement’s complete facts panel confirming how different it will be compared to Mutant’s other protein powders, we have enough to give you an idea on what Pro 100 is about. Packed in to each of the product’s 37g servings is 25g of protein, 5g of carbohydrates (1g fiber, 3g sugar), 2.5g of fat (1.5g saturated) and a total of 140 calories. As straightforward as Pro 100’s list of contents is, it’s the supplement’s menu where Mutant have spiced things up a little. The latest from the brand is due to launch in seven different flavors with all the usuals, rich chocolate milk, banana cream pie, old fashioned vanilla, strawberries & cream and peanut butter chocolate chip, as well as two unique recipes birthday cake and mint chocolate chip ice cream. The seven options are all expected to be available on both of Mutant’s 2 and 4lb Pro 100 menus, and are being promoted as coming very soon with March set as the month of arrival.

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