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Pro Supp’s rebranded Jekyll and Hyde launched with another unmissable Nutraplanet deal

Rebranded Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde launched with another classic Nutraplanet deal

While we certainly didn’t expect an introductory deal on Pro Supp’s rebranded supplements, we definitely appreciate what’s been put together. Nutraplanet, the store that everyone should know by now as the launch specialists, have just added the brand’s freshly labeled Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The pre-workout duo can be found for their usual prices or at least for now Hyde can, at $35.35 in a total of six flavors. The product can also be purchased in combination with the less stimulating Jekyll for an extra $20, although as you could probably guess that’s not all you get. On top of the two Pro Supps supplements the Nutraplanet offer also comes with a trial size tub of AminoLinx in mango passion fruit, a trial tub of fruit punch Jekyll, a custom Pro Supps shaker as well as more Jekyll with four watermelon samples of the product. Basically it is a nine piece pack not only scoring you discount on the brand’s two pre-workouts with 30 flavor combinations to choose from, but a whole bunch of freebies most of which you’d usually have to pay for. Like all of Nutraplanet’s awesome introductory deals, this one is only available for a limited time so get in while you can.

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