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More than 70% of Wreckage’s main ingredients also found in Stoppani’s Pre Jym

More than 70% of Wreckage's main ingredients also found in Stoppani's Pre Jym

Since the surfacing of Muscle Pharm’s Hardcore Series Wreckage formula, more than enough readers for us to take notice have made mention of a strange resemblance. The thing is that the Athlete Company’s latest creation Wreckage, or one of the three in the brand’s upcoming Hardcore line, has been rightfully compared to Jim Stoppani’s original pre-workout Pre Jym. It was pointed out that a handful of the supplement’s ingredients are the same, not mention some of the doses of those ingredients. Based on the reaction we decided to take a closer look and have some surprising numbers to share. For those that missed our Wreckage post, in total the fourth Muscle Pharm pre-workout lists 11 different features, all detailed with doses thanks to the brand’s transparent promise. Bare in mind we’re not including any vitamins or minerals here just the 11 main ingredients, of which 8 can in fact be found in Stoppani’s Pre Jym. While that is a little more than 70% in common, of that 8, 3 have identical doses. The only features that really separate the two are taurine, agmatine and one you don’t see too much of in pre-workouts anyway, d-aspartic acid. If you’d like some more interesting numbers of the five in Wreckage that aren’t identical to Pre Jym, four have doses within 35%, with Huperzine A being the odd one out as it is doubled for Wreckage. The Muscle Pharm product may not be identical, however it is awkwardly similar especially since heavily dosed pre-workouts aren’t overly common in the category.