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The spree continues with two more tastes from 4+ Nutrition for another protein

4+ Nutrition Whey+ chocotella zabaione

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, believe it or not 4+ Nutrition have once again confirmed more additions to their line of supplements. It really all started a few weeks back when the Italian based brand introduced four new flavors for their isolate formula ISO+, then soon after two for the hydrolyzed protein Hydro+, and finally yesterday two more for the women’s product Pro Sense+. 4+ Nutrition have today announced that they do in fact have two more tastes for another one of their protein powders, with the lucky supplement this time being the more mainstream Whey+. While the selected product does already have plenty of options to choose from, after the spreading of the unique zabaione and introduction of chocotella, we should have figured the brand were going to add the two to Whey+ as soon as they had the chance. For those that missed our recent the posts, zabaione is 4+ Nutrition’s take on the classic Italian dessert first seen with Egg+, and chocotella the Nutella like flavor that since being unveiled for ISO+ has also been added to Hydro+. Nothing has been said about when either of the two new Whey+s will arrive, however with eight other tastes spread out across three supplements, fans probably won’t mind waiting for the two.

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