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Alphamine Advanced hits PES retailers in Australia

Alphamine Advanced

A lot of PES fans were quite jealous when they saw the supplement their favorite brand put together for fans down under, with the two flavor Erase Pro. While it was produced just for Australia which usually means the formula has to be edited quite a bit, PES made no changes to their original Erase Pro only adding to the product with solid doses of d-aspartic acid and agmatine sulfate. The brand have now once again put together another supplement for their distributor down under Flush Fitness, although this time they’ve built on a product the area already have. Looking to take things a step further PES have unveiled Alphamine Advanced, a sequel to Alphamine that unlike Erase Pro was edited a fair bit for Australia. Compared to its predecessor’s seven ingredients Alphamine Advanced carries over just three with caffeine, higenamine and taurine. As for the rest of the formula the brand have in fact packed six more features synephrine, n-methyl tyramine and citrus auraptene. And its three most important ingredients AmentoMax amentoflavone, what’s being promoted as a yohimbine alternative with boldine, and cirsium oligophyllum highlighted as 20 times more powerful for fat burning than caffeine. Some locations in Australia are already stocking PES Alphamine Advanced, with most valuing the new version a little higher than the old at around $70. It is also worth pointing out for those that want to go hunting for the supplement, you will have more than a new name to look out for as the brand have updated both Alphamine’s formula and packaging, giving it the same standout chrome label as Amino IV.

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