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Stack3d @ the ’15 Arnold, Whey color scheme applied to Animal’s Juiced Aminos

Stack3d @ the '15 Arnold, Whey color scheme applied to Animal's Juiced Aminos

Animal have brought their classic Cage style booth to this year’s Arnold Classic once again, giving the brand that hardcore look their supplements carry. Along with the full blown cage theme that Animal have further styled with oil drums and steel lockers, inside the cage are also some interesting new product variants. The brand’s most recent release, the exclusive Animal Whey is being shown off in a third tub size going significantly smaller than either of the two original tubs. The third Whey volume is a trial option weighing in at 135g and giving those interested in trying the brand’s latest four servings to make up their mind. Another new addition inside Animal’s cage are grayscale themed Juiced Aminos. We’re not too sure why the brand have dropped their signature red for the Whey color scheme, unless of course it’s something Animal are planning on doing to all their supplements or even just the basics. New apparel is also available at the brand’s booth, which like we do at every expo Animal’s at we will be purchasing.