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ANS Amino HP hits confirming price

ANS Amino HP

For those wondering whether or not ANS Performance’s launch of Amino HP was the offer to take advantage of, the answer is yes. The deal was one of those offers that only comes around every so often which gave those who purchased a full size tub of the brand’s new amino formula free trial size tubs of Diablo, Dilate and Ritual. The price on the set was just $29.99, dropped down from Amino HP’s regular direct value of $5 more at $34.99. As good as the deal was the one question remaining even after the stack’s page expired was just how much would the latest from ANS cost? An answer to that has now come in from, as they are one of the first to put the extremely well dosed amino supplement on sale. It turns out the price is exactly the same as what ANS released Amino HP for, at a cost of $29.99 for a 30 serving bottle of course without the freebies. For those that think that’s a little on the high side do keep in mind the product is packed with three times as many ingredients as you’ll find in most amino formulas, with each feature’s dose based on what you need not necessarily what you want to pay. In the words of Muscle Elements quality supplements aren’t cheap, although if you are an ANS fan you’ll already know you always get your money’s worth.

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