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Ritual’s fruit fusion now available for ANS Performance’s pump pre-workout Dilate

ANS Performance fruit fusion Dilate

Last year ANS Performance finally added what is usually a guaranteed flavor for any pre-workout or amino with fruit fusion. The taste increased the supplement’s menu to a total of five joining the originals icy blue freeze and candy green apple, and the two 30 serving options wicked watermelon and peach mango twist. ANS have now launched their second flavor for the pump pre-workout Dilate, seeing Ritual’s most recent addition fruit fusion join the product’s previously lonely taste grape. Today not only have the brand unveiled their newest family member, but they have also released it through one of their biggest retailers Fruit fusion Dilate unfortunately hasn’t been introduced with a promotion or anything, going on sale for the usual 30 serving price of $28.99. The new flavor also isn’t available in ANS’s five serving trial size, meaning to try the latest from the brand you will need to invest in a full tub.

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