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Blackstone’s Anesthetized does exactly as advertised

Blackstone Anesthetized review

Longtime followers of ours will know we are big fans of nighttime supplements, not because we have trouble getting to sleep but because they’ve proven to be the best at boosting recovery. Ronnie’s Resurrect PM still holds the crown for us, which it had passed down to it when Muscle Pharm’s Bullet Proof disappeared and Iron Dream didn’t live up to the hype. Top quality sleep and recovery formulas don’t come around often, however when Blackstone Lab’s said they had put together one of the most powerful products for the category we had no choice but to pick up a bottle. The supplement we’re talking about is Anesthetized, a product Blackstone designed to basically just knock you out. While it didn’t promise any kind of recovery like we’re used to, the brand immediately sold us on this one leading to the review we have here for you today.

The first thing we have to note is that in Blackstone’s defense, Anesthetized has only been designed to put you to sleep. The supplement does not promote any additional recovery, summing up its sole purpose in its subtitle “when you absolutely need to sleep now”. Based on that Anesthetized does its job better than almost anything else we’ve come across. Once you throw back a scoop or even half a scoop of the Blackstone product the clock will start to countdown. For us it takes about 10 to 20 minutes for Anesthetized to kick in, at which time you will need to be in bed or in a comfortable position. Once you’re down and the clock has stopped ticking it’s basically lights out.

>There is no light or deep sleep with Anesthetized, you really just close your eyes and wake up. On most nights the supplement’s sleep is so quick the formula will see you go without any vivid dreaming or at least memories of crazy dreams, unlike a lot of its competitors. As short and sweet as our description is all we can say, and this is not something we usually get to say, is that the product does exactly what the brand said it would do, knock you out. Anesthetized’s ability to put you down is so impressive it gives you no other option but to sleep. It is that effect that further separates it from the competition, as other not so powerful supplements out there do have trouble with this. In situations where you’re not in bed, or maybe focused on something that’s got you thinking quite a bit, a lot of products don’t encourage you to sleep or slow your mind down, not helping the process at all. With Anesthetized it’s a whole different ball game, as if you’re not in bed or some where you’d like to fall asleep, you will find yourself passed out anywhere your body will lie, and if you find you’re thinking too much that won’t be the case for long. Trying to avoid sleep on Anesthetized is like taking a pre-workout and trying not to feel energized, or an effective mood enhancer and holding back a smile. Blackstone have put together a real force with this one, that like we said even at half a scoop will put you right out with ease.

Of course with every good supplement there is a catch, a rule Anesthetized is no exception to. We already explained that recovery is not a part of the product, and are fine with that as the brand did say knocking you out is the supplement’s sole purpose. The catch is that you don’t want to get up early and get anything little less than your usual eight or how ever many hours sleep. It is there that Anesthetized will kind of do the opposite to helping you feel recovered, by making waking up a head splitting job. Incredibly drowsy would be the best way to describe the experience, and hangover like the best thing to compare it to, if you get up before your body wants to while taking Anesthetized. The situation isn’t ideal however it is very easy to avoid. As mentioned make sure you get enough sleep, or better yet and only do this if you have the luxury, wake up naturally without an alarm. Another way to avoid the awful mornings and this is something we tried and found worked best, is to drop the dose down a bit. Surprisingly for some of us half a scoop or three quarters did the same job as a full serving, just lessening or removing the issues in the morning.

For us Anesthetized is one of those products we got and hoped it turned out as well as promised. Fortunately Blackstone have proven they’re not all about hype and do produce supplements that do exactly as advertised. The brand have actually done a little more than that, as Anesthetized really over delivers being one of the most powerful sleep formulas we have ever come across. Its ability to put you out is well beyond almost every one of its competitors, possibly sitting ahead if not right beside another great knock out product we’ve reviewed, Pharmafreak’s GH Freak. Even when you factor in its early wake up problem, which again isn’t an issue if you do either of the two things mentioned, Anesthetized is definitely high up on the list in the category. Whether or not you have any trouble trying to get to sleep, the Blackstone solution is a great addition to any supplement cupboard and well worth having for those odd nights where you can’t get to sleep, or may have trained a little late.

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