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Cellucor’s only non-pre-workout G4 Series supplement CLK goes on sale at GNC

Cellucor's only non-pre-workout G4 Series supplement CLK goes on sale at GNC

Last year when Cellucor launched their G4 Series they did so without a handful of previewed supplements. We saw new versions of C4, Alpha Amino, NO3 Chrome, Super HD and P6 all go on sale at GNC then While five updated products was nothing to be sad about, Cellucor did have five others they confirmed were coming, C4 Mass, C4 Ripped, C4 50X, the C4 RTD and CLK. Of the five up until today we had only seen the more stimulant packed C4 50X, which has now been joined by the stimulant free fat burner CLK. Like Cellucor’s first wave of G4 supplements the seventh product has hit GNC before most other places in its two previewed sizes, 60 and 90 softgels just like the CLK currently sold elsewhere. The price on the latest from the brand is $49.99 and $69.99 for the 60 and 90, or $44.99 and $62.99 for those with a Gold Card. It is worth mentioning that though GNC appears to be one of the first with Cellucor’s new CLK, do also now have it in stock although we’re not too sure on when they made the switch. The supplement is definitely the reformulated version and what makes things even better is that its price is significantly stronger, more so with the store’s buy one get one half off promotion. Whether you want to go to GNC or, Cellucor’s updated CLK is available which for now is best purchased from where you can get two 90 counts for $44.99 each.

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