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4 new supplements coming from EVLution within the next 2 months

New EVL supplements

As EVLution continue to add to their white label supplement series with Carnitine 500 and BCAA 5000, the brand have confirmed the coming of a total of four new products. The news has come in after already saying that one of their five original formulas is getting an upgrade, which as we mentioned at the time we feel is likely to be their top 10 pre-workout ENGN. If we’re counting that as one of the upcoming four as well as BCAA 5000, which is the only one of the two white labels yet to be released, that leaves two we’re not too certain on. EVL do already cover most of the major categories, so there is the chance we’re building up for nothing and it’s just more basics. With that being said we have been told half of the supplements are individual formulas, meaning at least two are going to be a little more complex. Cryptic clues aside, the most direct fact is that everything is going to go down within in the next two months. One of the two simple products BCAA 5000 is set to kick it all off in a week or two, then the rest a month or so later.

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