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Frank Medrano supplements now available at Tiger Fitness

Frank Medrano supplements

If you haven’t heard of Frank Medrano, he is that guy in almost every impressive fitness video you’ve seen on social media. His most famous piece of work would be “TRAIN INSANE Calisthenics Workout“, a clip on YouTube that’s now getting near the eight figure mark. You may also recognize Medrano for his work he did with BPI Sports a while back, however now there is something else you’ll come to know him for. Frank Medrano has put together his own line of nutrition products called Function Supplements. The brand have launched with two different formulas, a 35 billion CFU probiotic titled 1NE, and a 2:1:1 BCAA named 2WO which also packs a bit of carnitine into each serving. To make the products stand out a little more than your usual probiotic and BCAA, and to fit in with Medrano’s own lifestyle, both Function 1NE and 2WO are all natural and vegan friendly. The two both come in the usual 30 serving sizes, and in the case of the BCAA 2WO you’ll have just the one flavor to choose from in watermelon. The place to go to get either of the Frank Medrano supplements is Tiger Fitness, as at the moment they are Function’s exclusive retailer.

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