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Rebrand cuts down the width of Gaspari’s Anavite tablet by about a third

Gaspari Anavite rebranded

The last time we saw Gaspari Nutrition do anything to their multi-vitamin Anavite it was rebranded and then turned into powder originally for international customers. For the rebrand Gaspari did change a few things in the supplement, something we don’t quite know if they’ve repeated for this year’s rebranding. Basically Gaspari have announced that their vitamin formula Anavite is being relabeled with a look to match all of the brand’s upcoming products such as PlasmaJet, Nova-X and SP250. Gaspari have also confirmed that they’ve made some changes to the size of Anavite’s tablet, saying nothing about the contents and doses of the supplement but cutting its width down by about a third. Whether or not the brand have left Anavite’s formula alone we’ll need to see its facts panel to be absolutely sure, either way Gaspari have definitely given the vitamin a makeover and announced that the easier to swallow product is now available.

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