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Glazed doughnut first flavor to be added to Pro Supps PS Whey

Glazed Doughnut PS Whey

Just when you thought you had seen it all in terms of protein powder flavors, Pro Supps go and put together one of the most unique recipes we’ve seen in quite some time. For a while it was Cellucor who were pushing their creativity hard with Cor Whey, then Marc Lobliner and Machine Whey seeing tastes like caramel sutra and no bake cookie. A couple European brands have also shown some skill such as 4+ Nutrition who have plenty of their own flavors to point out such as the Italian inspired zabaione and more recently chocotella. This week Pro Supps have shown us why they deserve to be considered creative with their latest, glazed doughnut PS Whey. As far as we know this is the first time a major brand has attempted the taste, which is actually going to be Pro Supp’s first new flavor since the protein powder was released. Fortunately for fans and those drooling over the teaser image the wait on this one isn’t going to be too long, as the brand are hoping to have glazed doughnut PS Whey available early next month.

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